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Into the Great Wide Open: Bringing an Outdoor Learning Space to FMS

The purpose of this grant project is to create an outdoor eating and learning space behind the FMS cafeteria. This outdoor space, which has been advocated for by the FMS student body, will provide students with the opportunity during their lunch periods to get outdoors. In addition, teachers will have access to the space if they want to use it for a classroom experience. Given that FMS students do not have recess, this is an opportunity for students to get outside during the school day. Also as part of the ongoing effort to develop a strong FMS community through service and to reinforce our school’s core values regarding character, students will be involved in painting the tables the school colors and decorating them with inspirational quotes.  The MEF is supporting this effort by contributing to the landscaping which includes the gravel, railroad ties, topsoil, and labor.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$7,000 June 2016 Joseph Uglialoro Frelinghuysen Middle School


We are the world, we are the children!

Normandy Park School celebrated New Jersey throughout the 2015-16 school year. Next year, they will be expanding their horizons and travel the world. Students will learn about culture, art, music, geography, and history from all continents. This cross-curricular unit will include creating art in the style of artists from Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The Winter and Spring Concerts will feature music and instruments found across the globe, In library and computer classes students will research countries. They also will learn storytelling and then share their stories across the school. Students will have international pen pals to learn from other children how our lives are the same and different. In physical education, they will learn new games and sports played in other countries. Culminating events will include a spring art show, the winter and spring concerts, a storytelling festival, their own international Olympics and World Cup, and a school-wide International Day.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$2,500 May 2016 Wendy Pollock Gilson Normandy Park School


2016-17 School Year Cultural Arts and Artist-In-Residence Grants

Every year, the MEF awards money to all schools in the MSD for cultural arts and related activities. Schools determine how to spend the funds.  Here are the amounts that were given to each school:

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
Total: $32,000.00 May 2016 All

$5000 – MHS

$4000 – FMS

$2000 – Lafayette Learning Center

$3000 – AV, Sussex, Normandy Park, TJ, Woodland, AH, Hillcrest


Nanoscale Engineering Day

This grant will be used to fund the resources needed to make Nonoday at the Morris Museum possible. The class, Nanoscale Engineering, has been prepping and planning to teach children about Hydophobics and other fun scientific activities. This activity, which includes the community, will take place this spring.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$500 May 2016 Sam Beilin and Jack Plunket, students Morristown High School


Mosa Mack: Blended Science and Engineering

Students and teachers will have access to the video and lessons on These lessons are hands-on. They are highly engaging and aligned to the core science standards. Each lesson has a mystery to be solved, a hand-on lab, and an engineering lab. This program promotes a blended classroom in which data is gathered in the classrooms set up through Mosa Mack which allows the teachers to gather instant formative data and give immediate, specific feedback to the student as they work. The grant will enable all science students at FMS to have access.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$4,800 May 2016 Michelle Propfe Frelinghuysen Middle School


Vail Viking Book Camp

This camp will provide summer reading opportunities for struggling first and second grade readers who are not eligible for MSD Summer Academy this year but would benefit from additional support throughout the summer in fundamental literacy skills. Research indicates that one of the proven strategies for narrowing the achievement gap is to focus on summer reading activities. A core of volunteer teachers will work with the children. Funds will be used a create a student kit which will contain summer-themed guided reading materials and games that could be used from year to year to reinforce skills. Fund also will be used to purchase books that the student will select at each session to build a home library and for a take-home Book Camp bag in which new summer reading book can be stored.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$1,910.35 May 2016 Debra Welter Alfred Vail


Bilingual Celebration Night

As a means to focus on and highlight all of the positive achievements that take place with the Bilingual population at Morristown High School, the high school is planning an evening of awards to celebrate academic achievement for students in the MHS Bilingual Academic Program. The evening will bring together students and their families within the school community, allowing parents to see the many ways the school acknowledges and celebrates their children’s success. Graduating seniors also will be celebrated. The MEF will primarily support the academic awards and certificate ceremony that will be part of the evening’s festivities.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$500 February 2016 Tamar Spitzer Morristown High School


CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap: Movie screening at MHS

There is a persistent gender gap in the coding industry, and it is getting worse.   Women represented 35% of the mathematical and computer occupations workforce in 1990, and today that number has dropped to 26% (Solving the Equation, AAUW). The film CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap addresses the dearth of women and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap. This film will be brought to Morristown High School because it dovetails with our girls in STEM initiatives. This film will be screened at the high school in October 2016. No admission fee will be charged. The film will be advertised to high schools and universities in the local region and to local corporations and organizations as well. Hopefully, this film can start a conversation in our community about what we tell our female students about what they are capable of doing and that they should consider coding. The result of this grant will be enrolling more females in our programming courses at MHS.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$1,000 February 2016 Mariel Kolker Morristown High School


Camera Equipment for Theatre and Broadcasting

This grant will serve to provide students with equipment that will extend the Broadcasting curriculum into professional videography and allow for the MHS Spring Musical and other events to be professionally documented. This equipment allows for students to potentially film events using professional equipment and hone skills they can use in future or professional career pursuits. Students will be challenged to move learning outside of the classroom and engage in experiences that are real to them and a benefit to the community. This grant will provide the broadcasting program with two cameras, two battery packs, two tripod systems, two NTG1 condenser shotgun microphone kits and one cine/video dolly.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$6,000 February 2016 Michael Maguire Morristown High School


Stand Up for Learning!

This grant will provide seating arrangements within the classroom for students through the use of standing desks. Research has shown that this seating option has benefited students who have problems sitting still over an extended period of time, students who are overweight, and in preventing orthopedic degradation as well as neck and back problems. This grant will be used to purchase 3 sets of desks and stools. Standing desks make a huge impact in the classroom and the focus of the students. Students will rotate with the use of the stand up desks. By having three, no student will feel singled out when utilizing this option. By providing optional seating arrangements, it is hopeful that students will become less disruptive to those around them. Together with behavior modifications already in place within the classroom, optional seating research has validated that such options are very positive for all types of students. “Fidgeting and moving is -a natural way to help regulate symptoms and facilitate learning in children with ADHD and inhibiting movement in these kids makes it difficult for them to learn. Children with ADHD can’t fidget and move in a non-disruptive way in a sitting desk.”- Dr. Mark Benden.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$1,072.41 January 2016 Elaine Considine Thomas Jefferson School


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