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Film Festival

Students have been invited to enter their film in the NJ High School Film Festival. Five students have completed a three minute film to present in the competition. This event offers our students the opportunity to meet and compete against filmmakers from other schools throughout the state. This grant will provide the entrance fee.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$100 May 2017 Michael Butler Morristown High School

Setting Up Success in the Middle: The 6th Grade Transition Program at FMS

FMS will create a transition program for rising sixth graders coming to FMS. The students targeted for this program are high-needs students who are identified by elementary school principals and teachers as being in need of additional support as they transition into middle school. These students would include the rising sixth grade bilingual students coming to FMS. This program will pair these rising sixth grade students with rising eighth grade Peer Leaders who will serve as a mentor for them throughout the school year. This will be a two-day transition /orientation experience in late August. It will include relationship building, orientation to FMS, how to read a schedule, using their lockers, using their Chromebooks, etc. They will be provided with a backpack that includes all required sixth grade materials. Lastly, they will participate in fun activities that will build trust and positive relationships. This grant will provide these students with a familiarity with the school. In addition, it will provide them with a peer and an adult mentor for the sixth- grade year. This will give students with the greatest need the support they need to be successful during the critical year in their education.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$1,500 May 2017 Joseph Uglialoro Frelinghuysen Middle School

Diplomatically Speaking: The Global Classrooms Middle School Model United Nations Program at FMS

This grant will be used to continue the Global Classrooms Middle School Model United Nations program at FMS. This program was introduced in 2016 with great success and with the support of a donor designated grant from the MEF. This after school program, which is open to all students, puts students in the roles of diplomats from assigned countries and demands that they become experts on important global issues from the perspective of their assigned country. All year, students learn about their country and its issues, write position statements on both, and learn parliamentary procedure in preparation for the Global Classrooms Model United Nations conference which is hosted in NYC in April. At this conference, students engage with other students from around the world as diplomats working to create resolutions that address their assigned issues. Students during this time attend a closing ceremony in the General Assembly of the actual United Nations. Not only will students be engaged in developing a broader perspective of issues that confront our globe, but they will engage in dialogue with students from around the world. In preparing for the conference, they will learn how to better research, analyze, and synthesize information about their country and its issues. That synthesis will be communicated in writing in a formal position paper that establishes a claim and supports it with evidence. The grant covers student registration, additional advisor stipends, bus transportation for three days and country pins for students.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$5,855 May 2017 Joseph Uglialoro Frelinghuysen Middle School

Timpani for Middle School Band Program

Timpani, or Kettle Drums, are a set of typically fur drums that are used in band and orchestral playing. Each drum is a different size and comes equipped with a pedal to change the pitch and tuning of each individual drum. The sets that are now at Frelinghuysen are over thirty years old and the pedals and tuning gauges are in disrepair which greatly impairs the students’ performance. In addition, they consist of only two drums each. Not having a full set of four drums limits their playability in most of the grade level based literature. Lastly, this year a FMS Wind Symphony has been started. This new set will be used by all three grade level bands, the new FMS Wind Symphony, and in joint performances with the orchestra program. While the current Timpani does not lend themselves to middle school literature, they would be ideal for our elementary schools.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$6,300 May 2017 David Gallagher Frelinghuysen Middle School

Counseling by the Book

This grant will allow the Normandy Park School to create a library of relatable books and resources for students in English and Spanish on a variety of relevant mental health topics such as bullying, teasing, anger management, anxiety, grief/loss, divorce, autism, etc. These books will be used by students wanting to get some support, not feel alone, gain understanding of problems others may be facing. The books will be used by the counselor to be read in class supporting the character education curriculum or used for individual and small group lessons. Parents will be made aware of the resources and encouraged to borrow them to read at home with their children. All K-5 counselors will have access to these books as well and will be able to borrow them and use them when appropriate.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$1,000 May 2017 Cheryl Cohen-Berek Normandy Park School

Grow It Green

Grow It Green Morristown’s mission is to create sustainable farms and gardens that provide equal access to fresh, local food and educate communities through programs focused on healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Grow It Green wants to ensure that each child has the opportunity to experience of their programs. The MEF will provide funding for all second graders to receive instruction from Grow It Green Morristown as part of their life cycles science curriculum at the Urban Farm.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$2,500 March 2017 Abby Gallo Community Grant

Nano Days at the Morris Museum

As a class, the Nanoscale Science and Engineering students will be going to the Morris Museum on two Saturdays in March, 2017 to teach children about nanoscience. This grant is for materials that will help explain the concepts in a child-friendly way. Nanotechnology was introduced in 1959, and it is growing fast. When we teach children about it early in their lives, we hope that they will become more interested in science at school and more curious about their world.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$400 March 2017 Mariel Kolker Morristown High School

Lit Lab

Students will use digital tools and Lego StoryStarter kits to produce and publish writing including collaboration with peers. Students will use Lego StoryStarter kits to create Lego animation stories based on books. The Lego Storystarter kits will be shared with the other Morris School District elementary school librarians. Graphic novels will be ordered as well as the Lego StoryStarter kits.

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
$1,600 March 2017 Wendy Pollock Gilson Normandy Park School

2017-18 Cultural Arts Grants

Every year, the MEF awards money to all schools in the MSD for cultural arts and related activities. Schools determine how to spend the funds.  Here are the amounts that were given to each school:

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
Total: $32,000.00 March 2017 All

$5000 – MHS

$4000 – FMS

$2000 – Lafayette Learning Center

$3000 – AV, Sussex, Normandy Park, TJ, Woodland, AH, Hillcrest

Morristown High School STEM Student Research Grants

Sean Oddoye – Analysis of the nucleotide sequence variability of the Lassa virus and augmenting its phylogenetic tree – $200

Leah Grossman – Diagnosing Strep Throat: Identifying the Presence of Group A Sstreptococcus Bacteria Through the Usage of a Bio-Optical Indicator – $150.00

Amount Date Recipient(s) School
Total: $350 January 2017 Students Morristown High School
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