Grant Guidelines

The Morris Educational Foundation funds projects in the 10 schools of the Morris School District that create new models for learning, enhance the curriculum, promote self-esteem, help teachers grow professionally, and directly involve as many students as possible.

The proposed work should engage students in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen their knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work also should improve students’ habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflections. Grant funds may be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, or software. The majority of funds will be spent on materials or educational experiences for students. In addition, the Morris Educational Foundation will work with other foundations or corporations when our funds cannot support a worthwhile program in its entirety.

We look for an emphasis on interpersonal involvement: teacher to student, student to student, parent to student. We encourage interdisciplinary or team-teaching projects as well as those that involve various age groups.

The purchasing of equipment and the cost of field trips are funded when they are not an end in themselves but essential components of a program designed to help as many students as possible.

We review each proposal on its own merits. While general guidelines are helpful, we are happy to accommodate outstanding exceptions. Moreover, projects not appropriate in one time or context may be ideal in another. Variety in the proposals is welcome.

We look for programs in:

Arts and Education

Experiences and programs in the arts that will enhance opportunities for students in the arts as well as promote lifelong enrichment and enjoyment.

Creative Visions

Enhancement of curriculum to provide unique teaching and learning opportunities.

Multi-Cultural Experiences

Projects and programs aimed at exposing students to a variety of cross-cultural experiences that will help in preparing them for our increasingly global society and economy.

Professional Growth

Providing funds for teachers and administrators to pursue unique professional experiences that enhance student programs.

Scholastic Enrichment

Fulfilling a variety of needs for students and teachers designed to provide learning opportunities beyond the core curriculum. Moreover, we will enhance existing curricula by providing activities that are non-existent as a current District provision. These should be activities that are aligned to Core Curriculum Content Standards. These standards are mandated by the Department of Education.

Technology and Learning

Projects and programs designed to promote and maintain use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning and to provide experiences for students that will prepare them for the workplace of the 21st century.

New, high-tech equipment can be funded as long as it is not considered part of the District’s technology budget; to be funded, the District’s technology coordinator must review this type of equipment. The equipment becomes the property of the Morris School District.

We will consider any idea, even if it does not “fit” the above categories.

A grant application should explain and include what the students involved will be learning, how it is innovative/different from anything existing in the curriculum, a sense that funding is not available elsewhere, when the program will take place, an invitation to the MEF to view the project, and a feeling that it will make a real difference to the children involved in the grant.

If you have an innovative, creative idea, please review the grant application. If you have questions, contact Chrissie Wetherbee at 973-683-0767, or Or contact Ann Rhines at 973-539-3587 or Completed applications should be sent to the address above.

We welcome your interest and participation. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of education innovation supporting students and staff in a partnership of lifelong learning.

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