Professional Development

The MEF funds nationally acclaimed speakers as Professional Development for the teaching staff of the Morris School District. All of these programs are presented outside of the school day. These speakers present the latest and greatest concepts, materials and techniques for teachers to use while delivering curriculum to students.

Programs by the following educators and speakers were made possible by the Morris Educational Foundation in recent years:


Changing the Game Project founder John O’Sullivan met with Morristown High School coaches to discuss how his philosophy can provide parents and coaches with actionable steps to help kids develop character and a positive mindset while creating an environment that teaches positive core values and life skills, instead of focusing on wins and losses, scholarships and professional aspirations.


An Invitation to Innovate allowed MSD teachers and administrators to complete an online course to achieve certification in the field of Blended Learning. The Blended certification provides an in-depth introduction to the concept of blended learning. In this course, teachers explored the different models of blended learning and key issues that impact students, teachers, and schools.   Blended learning combines technology with instruction.


Melanie Talesnick, a member of the MHS guidance department, attended the NACAC Conference of more than 5,500 college admission counselors.   The conference, which introduced the newest trends, innovations, technologies, and best practices available in the profession, provided her with the information to conduct a workshop for the other counselors at MHS.


Will Richardson is the author of the highly ranked and read edublog Weblogged and the author of the book, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms. He is an advocate for school reform which encourages the integration of technology in learning.


Frank Serafini is an Associate Professor of Literacy Education and Children’s Literature at the Arizona State University. His workshops and research focus on reading instruction and the role of children’s literature in the reading curriculum. He has published six professional development books for elementary educators with Scholastic and Heinemann Publishers.


Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. is an award winning author and speaker with over thirty-five years of teaching experience from the primary through the doctoral level. His books on issues related to learning and human development have sold over one million copies.


Jim Grant, an internationally renowned educator, author and keynote speaker, is regarded by fellow educators as one of America’s most passionate advocates for children. A teaching principal for almost twenty years, he founded Staff Development for Educators, SDE,Inc., with the goal of creating classrooms where all students can succeed.

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