2016-17 Donors

Principal Society: Benefactor $5,000+
George and Michele Becker
Angelo Fiataruolo
Daniel Flores*
Golden Bagel Runners
Connie Hagelin*
Greg and Patty Haralampoudis*
Daniel and Kathryn Higgins
Morris Township/Morristown Joint Municipal Alliance
Don Pollock*
The Provident Bank Foundation
Ann and Warren Rhines*

Principal Society: Partner $2,500-$4,999
Michelle and Steven Douenias
Bern Kuelker and Tanya Seaward
McGuinn Family Foundation
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
John and Kim Pistner*
Rotary Club of Morristown
Stuart and Jan Sendell
Daniel and Deborah Sontupe*
David and Elizabeth Sparacino*
Melissa and Marc Spiotta
Fred and Sang Sporer*
Spring Brook Country Club Foundation
Chris and Chrissie Wetherbee*
Glenn and Marcie Yarnis*

Principal Society: Champion $1,000-$2,499
Geoffrey and Crary Brooks*
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Hart and Sue Coven
Peter and Christine Croonquist
Frank and Kay Failla*
Alejandro Feely and Vanesa Jurisevich
Sally and Sean Flanagan
Scott and Maiken Gehsmann*
Richard and Caroline Godfrey*
David and Anne Hargrave*
Greg and Kathy Heher*
Jay and Linda Hellstrom
Louise Murray and Thomas Hoffman
Kevin and Ann Johnson*
Peter Lorenzo
Nicholas and Dimitra Mihalakakos
Judy Martinez and Hector Mislavsky*
Kelly Schnur
Rose and Tom Schweikhart
Jon and Deborah Sebiri*
Michael and Molly Servais*
Andrea and David Szott
The Voltaggio Family*
Allison and Chris Wilson

Principal Society: Ambassador $500-$999
Jim and Carol Allison*
Alice and Marshall Bain*
Gary and Petra Barone
Steve Bliss and Judith Sacks*
William and Amanda Boyadjis*
Carmine and Marie Fornaro*
David and Mary Goldhirsch
George and Tobi Goldman*
Kenneth and Kit Hall*
George and Toula Haralampoudis
Russell and Virginia Hawkins*
Kumar and Susmitha Kantheti*
Dr. Ruiqing Ma
Morris Plains Municipal Alliance
Joseph and Laurie Nosofsky
Pine Charitable Fund-A Donor Advised Fund of the US Charitable Gift Trust
Michael and Virginia Rich*
Andrea Kitzis Smith
Mark and Naomi Stein
Frank and Cheryl Tauriello
Robin Vlamis
Susanne and Michael Warech
Kathryn Zawacke

Teacher Circle: Patron $250-$499
Andrew and Doreen Acampora
Bill and Tracey Barrett*
Steve and Ann Billak*
Scott and Janine Chilson*
Jody Marcus and Kenneth Chin*
Jeffrey Cromie and Barbara Miller
Mary Ellen De Noon
Tim and Robin Devaney
Scott and Susan Farbman
Alan and Lisa Feeney
Thomas and Maryann Ficarra
Chip, Jeanne, Betsy, Sheri & Scott Frost*
Michael and Julie Gallucci*
Charles and Sandy Gibson*
Jerry and Paula Gottesman
James and Joscelin Grizzetti
Scot and Kirsten Hadley
Ian and Tracy Hassan*
Michael and Kerry Hershberger
Tom and Kathleen Humbert*
Katharine Laud
Peter and Amy Lehrer
Rich and Hillary Lindner
Charles and Erica Park*
Erica and Jack Rivetti
Vinnie and Jennifer Rocco*
Joyce and Ruperto Ruiz
Sandi and Steve Scheer
Mark Schussel and Joanne Summer*
Peter and Janet Simon
Chenoa Taitt
Shri and Usha Tatachar
Katherine and Joseph Vizzini*
Glenn Waldorf
Todd and Michelle Watson
Ilene Wolff*
Patrick Yip and Leslie Chang
Denise Zanga

Teacher Circle: Supporter $100-$249
Annie Acken
Katherine and Ernest Agnos
Richard and Mary Albright*
Eugene and Lisa Alexander
Les and Carol Armour
Beth and Ted Baldanzi*
Alison Barber
Marisa and Pete Barron
Robin Bass-Singelton*
Richard and Connie Batherman
Andy, Sue and Madeline Beavis
Gerard and Kerry Begley*
Gail Bell
Michael and Christine Benavente
Lisa Bensen
Mary Bentzlin*
Robert A. Berns and Nancy Sutta Berns
Edward and Susan Blankmeyer
Monica Boswell
The Boysen Family
Dorothy Brown
Susan Buchanan-Leone*
David and Donna Buchner
Kimberly Burgoyne
Meghann Butler
Jacob and Marcy Cahill*
Jane Cary
Yue Chuan and Wen-Cheng Chiu*
Gregory and Ursula Clay
Gary Cook*
Rosemarie Yancosek and Ron Cortez*
Glenn and Ellie Coutts
John Creamer and Jeanne Longo
David and Rachel Curnow
Jiana DeJesus
Jill Demark
Jamie Di Mare
Brian and Maura Doherty
Mary Donohoe*
Kara Douma*
Marceline Duffill*
Jim and Stacey Dzikowski
Brian and Rebecca Ehnert
Susan Ezell
Kerri Lee Farell*
Thomas and Kristen Ferrara
David Fields and Jessica Temlock-Fields
First Federal Lakewood
Gary and Elizabeth Fisch
Bruce and Beth Fisher
Kathy & Stefan Forsell*
Tom and Jen Frantz
Rod and Virginia Frelinghuysen*
Paul and Susan Fuller
Jim and Joan Galbraith
Ted and Michele Gannon
Todd Goldberg
Jeffrey and Helen Grau*
Rajani Gunisetty
Todd and Lynn Gutkin
Kelly Do and Vu Ha
Kathleen Hall*
Michele Harris
Kelly Harte*
William and Ellen Hays*
Nancy Hedinger
Arthur and Kate Hein
Nancy Helterman*
Karen Hersh
Bruce Hubbard and Kristen Borg*
Peter and Marcia Hunter
Arlene Inglis*
Jacobs Levy Equity Management
Keith and Lannie Keenan*
Janet Kellman
Brian Kievning
Liza Kirschenbaum
Jane and Michael Kurek*
Edward and Leanne Lake
Robert and Clara Lamperti
Stacey Lang
Matt and Wendy Leung*
Fred and Cindi Levin Foundation
Vince and Charlotte Lia
Gary and Karen Lilienfeld
Mark and Lynn Livingston*
Gregory and Maureen Lombardi
Robert Malehorn
Mark and Kerry Manning*
Vincent and Linda Manno*
Dominic and Kristina Manzo
Michael Marsan
James McCreedy and Maureen Pavely
Anne McDonald
Danielle McGinley
Mark and Beth McGuinness
Russell and Christine McIntyre
Greg and Carolyn McLain*
Donna McNamara and Larry Cohen*
Steven McPeters*
Thomas and Jill Meerwarth
Christine and Matt Messina
Charles Mohs and Beatriz Bueno*
Eoin and Margaret Monahan
John and Anastasia Mondelli
Frank and Ariadne Monfalcone
John Mruz and Christine Osvald
Joe and Terry Murphy
Kenneth and Michele Murray*
Michele Murray
Valerie and Joe Murray
Sally Muscarella
John and Susan Mustion
Allan and Barbara Newcomb*
Peter and Janet Nichols
Geoff and Margaret Nilson
Michael and Maryanne Novello
Anthony and Elisabeth Olivo
The Ondrejcak Family
Caroline Opondo
Maria Ortiz
Deborah and Michael Ostrowsky
Paige Oszmanski
Alan and Joann Painter*
Dayana Peck
Scott Pepper
Catherine Polcaro
Leonard and Lois Posey
Peter and Joanne Quinn
Dan and Mary Reidy
Karen Reuther
Nicole Richardson*
Fred and Genevieve Rodriguez
Maureen and David Rogers
Steve and Kent Rogers
Louise Romano*
Kevin Rooney*
Karin Ruppell
Douglas Rutan*
Frank and Tracey Saia
Rachel Sakofs
Chris and Maria Samms*
Deirdre Schmitt
Stu and Teresa Scott
Kevin Scully
Jack Sefah*
Thomas and Kelly Shea
Don and Lynn Siebert
Rick and Joan Sirota*
Robert Siss and Martha Peach
Richard Smith
Leslie Sprout
Jeanne and George Starr
Angela and Ken Stelle
Greg Sumski
Heather Tahan*
George and Claire Talarico
Alvin Thompson and Lesley Morgan-Thompson
David Thompson
Rich and Bevin Tierney
Janet Toler
Nicole Tulli
Nathan Umbriac
Marco Vargas*
Dustin Weinstein
Janine and Steve Weiss*
Carol Wetherbee
Roger, Roberta & Allison Wetherbee
Deborah and Scott Wild
Karen Jones Williams*
Andrew and Dionne Williams

Friends to $99
Brynn Abrahamsen
Jennifer Adkins
Diana Aguilar
Paulina Aguilar
Berma Alexander-Haynes*
Karen Andre*
Toni-Anne Andrisano
Terri and Bill Anroman
Lisa Archambeau
Walter Arriola
Rob Aung and Linnea Hasegawa
Sandra Bailey
Dawn Bankston
Elizabeth Barbone
Daniel and Carol Barkin
Chuck and Vicky Bashant
Lisa and Brian Bataille
Tim and Robyn Beh
Lorraine and Richard Beilin
Cheryl Berek*
Tymara Berry
Nicholas and Dawn Bertha
Sharon Bertram
Jeffrey and Hallie Beyer
Christina Bifulco
Chris and Heather Blake*
Randee Blumstein*
Patricia Boas
Janet and Larry Bobbin
Jill Bocina
Melissa Boncelet
Jennifer Boothe
Jim Boothly
Cheryl Borelli
Sara Botsakos
Raymond and Lynne Boucher
Rosa Bowers
Amanda Boyadjis
Amy Bozza*
Dina Brady
John and Kirsten Brady
Jennifer Briscoe
Kimberly Bruno
Paul Buccino*
Michael Butler
Matthew and Kristen Byrne
Nelva Cabrera
Ryan Cabrera
John and Sharon Cain
Robert and Christine Calafati
Nancy Capezzuto
Betiana Caprioli
Nancy and John Caputo
Matthew Carmel
Dawn Catanzaro*
Jill Cecala
Wendy Chang
Ellen Cheikes
Cynthia Chiarello*
Lora Clark
Danielle Codey
Mark and Rona Cohen*
Erin Colfax*
Stefanie Conley
Joseph and Carole Connor
Cliff and Rebecca Corcoran
Charles and Viki Craig
Lee and Jeanne Crawford
Pauliana Cristao
Jennifer Critelli
Stacey Crowley
Walter Culin
Kelly Dabinett*
Lynette Davis
Phil and Kathy DelGiudice*
Jay Delaney and Debra Gottsleben*
Marianna D’Elia*
George DeMarco and Diane Scarpello
John Desimone and Tara Johnson*
Eileen Devlin
Pal and Cristin DeVries
Mary DiCataldo
Tim and Heather Dobbs
Melissa Dodge*
Ilene Dorf Manahan
Ze-Xian and Qingyang Dou
David and Nancy Draghi*
Gordon Drewery*
Adrienne Dunn
Ilene Eddey
Chase and Jessica Elliott
Keith and Carolyn Eriksen
Pam Eschmann
Gabriela Espinoza
Deirdre Falk
Kerri Lee Farrell*
Paul and Helene Ferm
Mercy Ferrer
Silvia Figueroa
Cory and Sharon Fischer
Edward and Heidi Fleischman
Carolyn Fleming
Caitlyn Folkes
Shannon & Joe Ford*
Karen Fornaro
Kristi R France
Jordan and Dana Fried
Dennis Funes
Richard and Marjorie Galinkin
Alba Gerson
Sandra Gessner
Greg and Melissa Gibson
Beth Gillespie*
Dave and Janine Gillespie
Wendy Pollock Gilson
Andrew Gleichmann and Cynthia Moline
Celina Glossy
Deborah Glover
Marc Gold
Alan and Linda Greenberg*
Patrick and Heidi Griffee*
David and Tehzeeb Grossman
Leigh Guerriero
Keylin Guillen
Lauren Gutierrez
Paola Hall
Ian and Kristen Hamilton*
Nancy Handal
Barbara Harper
Tamara and Mark Haynie
Arthur and Marissa Hedge
Katherine Henriquez
Giovani Hernandez
Barbara and Corinne Hernet
Bob and Bobbe Hickman
Anne Marie Hinrichs
Rebecca Hitchcock*
Benjamin and Susan Hobson
Timothy and Loriann Hoeman
Jennifer Hoffman
Antoinette Hopcraft*
Krista Horvath
William and Melanie Hostetter
Mical Jackson
Avelyn Jackson
Charline Jagoo
Ellen Jameson
Pierre Jean
Michelle Jewell
Penny and Tom Jones
Barbara Kardaras
Craig Kennedy
Mary Keown*
Suzanne Kiall
Barbara and Art Klein
Mariel Kolker
Kristen & Nik Komyati
David Kornfeld
Katherine Lade
Ken and Laura LaMontagne
Edwin Landis
David and Susan Lawlor
Molly Lawrence
Anthony Lewis-Lahey
John and Christine Licardi
Michael Lockman*
Susan Lodge
Michele Lombardi
Karen London
Gabriela Lorelli
June Lubin
Getchel Lubke
Megan Lucignani
Gerard and Anne Marie Macchia
Michael Maguire
William and Jean Marie Mainente*
Katie Manahan*
Mary and Fred Marks
Jeffrey Mastracchio
David and Tracey Matalon
Adelaida Mazarego
Anita McAndrew
Caroline and John McCarus
Sharon McDonald
Roger and Latie McLean
Barbara McNally*
Abby Mehlin
Gladis Mendez
Christine Messina
Monica Mihalik
Catherine Miller
Sue Miller
Elissa and Michael Minor
Heather Morgan
Anna Muster
Jessica Neu
Mike and Kathy Nicolai
Lucia Nodoro
Josephine Noone
Lindsay Nunn
Brian and Nancy O’Donnell*
David and Caren Olander
Suzanne Olimpio
Matthew and Kim O’Malley
Katrina Ora
Ricky Osborne*
Jorge Padilla
Monica Patino
Kelly Patten*
The Patterson Family
Susan Pedalino
Jennifer Penciger*
William and Lorie Pezzuti*
Ken and Anne Piascik*
Stephen and Hera Pizzimenti
Rachel Platt
Brad Powell*
Claudine Priola*
Debra Rae*
Robyn Rahn
Rolando and Shari Ramirez*
Kathy Ratliff
Carole Rawding and Eileen Riddle
Todd and Caroline Pitcher
Brianna Reyes Meza
Ever Reyes
Charles Ribaudo
Don and Judy Richards
Frank Rodriguez and Eileen Pergentile
Jennifer Romano
Biviana Romero
Richard and Michelle Rosenfeld
Lauren Rudisill
Kristina Ruggeri
Kathleen Rulon
Robert Russell*
Michael Russo
Linda Ruta
Teddie Salas
Michelle Sanders
Hazel Sangalang-Yaptangco
Gabrielle Santos
Arina Saprygina
Sharon Sattari
MaryLou Scalera
Joyce and Michael Schlosser
Warren and Roberta Schneider
Beth Schreiber
Sharon Schwartz
Barbara Sebiri
Patrice Servidea
Gayle Shepardson
Shirley Sheridan
Alexandra Siegel
Donna and Jim Silver
Cherie Smith*
Jean Sorabella
Deborah Spencer
Patti Spiegel*
Dan and Cara Sroka
Kimberle and Charles Strasser
Kristin and Jeff Stuek
Brian and Janet Sullivan*
Patricia Sutton*
Vanessa Switzler
John & Kathy Szilezy
Mrs. Edward Taratko
Monica Tate
Melanie Temnycky
Dorothy Thomas
Helen Tsonopolis*
Margaret Tuzzeo
Michele Valentino
Uray Vazquez
Venkateswar Vedula
Byron Vega and Alice Capote
Glendy Velasquez
Michelle Vena*
Nicolas Vena
Michael and Kim Venedam
Maria Vila Chavez
Marvin Vincente
Franz Vintschger
Nancy Perry Voll
Amy Walsh
Debra Welter
Janice Whitcomb*
Catherine Wilcox
Gerhard and Bettina Winklmeier
Helene and Stu Wittner
Amanda Wolff
Hai Ning Yang
Jodi Yoser*
J Zelaya
Linda Zhang
Gil and Claire Zweig

Matching Gift Organizations
Alliance Bernstein Matching Gift Program
Amgen Foundation
Benevity Community Impact Fund – Lexis Nexis
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Chubb & Son
Coach, Inc. Matching Gift Program
Henry Luce Foundation
HSBC Matching Gift Program
PSEG Power Of Giving Campaign
Sanofi Foundation For North America
Verizon Foundation

In Honor of Butch Barber Jr.
Janet Toler

In Honor of John J. Delaney
Ellen Cheikes

In Honor of Patty and Greg Haralampoudis
Edward and Susan Blankmeyer
Monica Boswell
Gregory and Ursula Clay
Brian and Maura Doherty
Scott and Maiken Gehsmann*
Karen Hersh
Benjamin and Susan Hobson
Susan Lodge
David and Tracey Matalon
Thomas and Jill Meerwarth
John and Kim Pistner*
Michael and Virginia Rich*
Stu and Teresa Scott
Michael and Molly Servias*
Daniel and Deborah Sontupe*
Jeanne and George Starr
Andrea and David Szott
Shri and Usha Tatachar
Rich and Bevin Tierney
Helene and Stu Wittner

In Honor of Edward Johnson, MHS Swim Coach and Guidance Counselor
Janet and Larry Bobbin

Staff of Lafayette Learning Center
Rachel Sakofs

In Memory of Don Malehorn
Glenn and Ellie Coutts
Walter Culin
First Federal Lakewood
Charles and Sandy Gibson*
Bob and Bobbe Hickman
Barbara and Art Klein
Robert and Clara Lamperti
Edwin Landis
Katharine Laud
Robert Malehorn
Roger and Latie McLean
Pine Charitable Fund **A Donor Advised Fund of the US Charitable Gift Trust
John and Kim Pistner*
Don Pollock*
Steve and Kent Rogers
Michael and Molly Servias*
Shirley Sheridan
Richard Smith
Daniel and Deborah Sontupe*
David and Elizabeth Sparacino*
Chris and Chrissie Wetherbee*

In Honor of Kim Pistner
Fred and Cindi Levin Foundation

In Memory of Alison Schweikhart
June Lubin

In Honor of the Sporer, Haralampoudis, Sparacino Families
Daniel and Mary Reidy

In Honor of the Teachers and Staff of the Morris School District
The Boysen Family: Carol, Juergen, Michael, Sarah and Laura

In Honor of Samantha Weber
Ilene Wolff*

2017 Morristown Onstage Sponsors

Education Champion Headline Sponsors
Morristown Medical Center

Show Sponsor
Beyer Automotive Group
Mill Creek Residential

Prize Sponsor
Provident Bank

Red Carpet Video Sponsor
Morristown Animal Hospital

Audience Choice Sponsor
Bressler Amery Ross
Mark Livingston, Merrill Lynch*

MHS Theater Department Sponsor
The Croonquist Group of Janney Montgomery Scott

Partner Sponsors
Mark Gleckner, DMD
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
Nusbaum, Stein, Goldstein, Bronstein & Kron
Wiley Malehorn Sirota & Raynes

Dessert Reception Sponsor
Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen

Talent Sponsors
BMW of Morristown
Michele & George Becker
The Crawford Home Selling Team/Keller Williams
Delta Dental
FirstEnergy Foundation
Mayo Performing Arts Center
Normandy Real Estate Partners
Porzio Bromberg & Newman
Randolph Dental
Regal Tax Advisors*
Riker Danzig
David Singer, DDS
Marc & Melissa Spiotta
Sang & Fred Sporer*
Toyota of Morristown
Marcie & Glenn Yarnis*

Gold Benefactors
Betsy Harvin
Kim & John Pistner*

Amanda & Bill Boyadjis*
Kay & Frank Failla*
Irene Cramer & Steve Goldberg*
Patty & Greg Haralampoudis*
Hillary & Richard Lindner
Judy Martinez & Hector Mislavsky*
Karen & Kevin McAllister
Christine & Matt Messina
Cathy & Ken Oettinger
Ann & Warren Rhines*
Tracey & Frank Saia
Stacey & Bill Schlosser
Kelly Schnur
Michael & Molly Servais*
Debbie & Dan Sontupe*
Beth & David Sparacino*
Tanya & Richard Webber
Chrissie & Chris Wetherbee*

*Colonial Society Member. The Colonial Society recognizes consistent annual giving to the MEF for five or more years.

The above list includes donors who supported the MEF during our last fiscal year between 7/1/2016 and 6/30/2017 only. Giving categories represent contributions to our Friends Campaign, Teacher Tributes Campaign and Scholarship donations made during that time period. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of our listings. Please notify us of mistakes or misspellings so we may correct them for future publications. Gifts of any amount to the MEF are welcomed and appreciated – we are grateful for your support. The MEF can be reached at morrisedfoundation.org or (973) 683-0767.

MEF Sponsors & Partners